9 day old Black Langshan chick not walking

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    Aug 3, 2009
    I have a 1 week old Black Langshan chick that is showing possible neuro symptoms-she seems unable to stand(tips to the side) and unable to walk. Also, the toes on one foot seem curled. She is eating(without assistance) and drinking(with assistance). She also seems very lethargic-she is sleeping a lot(even falls asleep while eating). When awake, she seems very alert. No tremors as of yet(how long does it take for tremors to show up in AE?). There is no swelling in her hocks ad up until this morning, she was walking just fine.

    She seemed OK last night, but I found her this morning being run over by 14 other rambunctious chicks in the brooder box.

    I have her isolated, PolyViSol in her water and am mixing yogurt with her chick start feed.
    She is on pine shavings covered by paper towels(and of course under a heat lamp).

    My concern is she is a hatchery chick and I received her 10/15 along with 14 other chicks. If this is in fact AE, are my other chicks doomed to suffer from this? I know there is no treatment, but I also know IF they survive, they will not be carriers.

    I want to try everything possible(supportive care) to keep her alive, but how do you know if when they are out of danger?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    10/23 She is now able to stand, but seems unable to walk.
    She is eating and drinking very well-normal other than not walking.
    None of the other chicks are showing any symptoms.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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