9-day old Chick Coccidiosis (?)


5 Years
Jul 9, 2014
I am seeking help for a 9-day old mixed breed chick that I hatched out of the incubator only a week and a few days ago. She's the same weight and size as the other chick I hatched with her, but she seems to have a lack in activity. She stands with her head low and her wings low, and doesn't move around a lot; she also hasn't been eating. There seems to be a white diarrhea coming out of her vent that's stuck on her fluff. These symptoms just started today, and she is the only one who is exhibiting these symptoms. I'm suspecting it's Coccidiosis because we've had a problem with it for a few years, but it's never really been diagnosed in my flock- I have only assumed that's what it was. I didn't have any probiotics or electrolytes until today (I have been giving all of my chicks those since they hatched), so I'm wondering if by taking them off of it for a few days was the cause of it? I haven't seen her eat or drink at all, and I haven't seen her poop except for the white-colored diarrhea. I've got them back on probiotics and electrolytes now, but i'm worried that won't work because I haven't seen her drink at all. I'm trying to treat the problem completely myself, because we don't have a vet anywhere nearby that treats chickens. If this is Coccidiosis, i'm concerned because we don't have a place around that sells Amprolium or Corrid. We are using regular wood-chips for bedding and DuMOR Chick Starter/Grower 20% Feed, 50 lb. Here is a visual of what she looks like:

Please give me some advice! I've lost so many chickens to whatever this may be already, and I can't afford to lose another.
I'm sorry she is not doing well.

Try to keep the vent cleaned off. Keep her warm and encourage her to stay hydrated.

If you are feeding Dumor chick starter - do you have a Tractor Supply? Usually, Tractor Supply carries Corid-look in the cattle section or ask a store associate for it. If they don't carry it, order it online - you can get it on Ebay, Amazon and various vet supplies online.

Probiotics and electrolytes are o.k. to give chickens, but they won't do anything to treat Coccidiosis. Once you get your chick hydrated, then see if she will eat a little wet feed for you.
Perhaps a little early for coccidiosis, more common around 3-4 weeks old, but treating with Corid will not harm them. It looks more like dehydration, so I would dip the little beak into water several times an hour all day long, and try to spread some chick crumbles on paper towel around it"s feet to peck at. Hopefully, it will turn around, but hard to tell.

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