9 day old chicks going outside for a "field trip" ;)


6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
Waxahachie, tx
We were going to take our chicks outside today in a small enclosure where we would keep a constant eye on them but I have heard if they go outside and eat any insects that they need grit. Here is the problem...the chick grit bag says not to start on it until 2 weeks old. Should they stay inside until the 2 week mark?
I have never supplied my chicks with grit before because they will pick up it by themselves while pecking on the ground, and they don't need it when they are so young. I usually let 1-7 day old chicks out for a few minutes when it's warm outside, watch for them to see if they get cold and start huddling together. Good luck on your field trip for the chicks.
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