9+d'uccle eggs: Porcelain roos over porcelain & mille fleur hens NPIP

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  1. These will be mostly porcelain d'uccle eggs, All my breeders have all their toenails, if not the best foot feathering, they do meet the standard. NPIP MO 43-711 pullorum-typhoid/avian influenza free. My hatch rates have been between 25 to 100% (100% at home) and fertility is between 75 and 100%, I package thoroughly with lots of bubble wrap and a box marked 'fragile' and 'this end up' so they are shipped in the right position.

    Payment will be needed by paypal by monday if you want them shipped tuesday, and tuesday if you want them shipped wednesday. I ship priority mail.

    Paypal: [email protected]

  2. Okay, I already have 11 eggs plus whatever is laid tomorrow ready to ship on tuesday!

    Here's more pics:

    The last picture is of a rooster hatched from my flock's eggs who is approx 4 months old.

    Unfortunately, these pictures were taken with my I phone- but all within the last 3 days (my nice digital camera needs new batteries and won't take rechargeables I've found)
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    Quote:silly question, are these purebreds or a mix. the reason I ask is because of your siggy:
    A Barred Rock, over 17 porcelain d'uccles, 12 mille fleur d'uccles, 1 Spitzhauben and 4 of her mixed chicks .

    or did you get a d'uccle roo? and how long has the barred rock been away from the hens?
  4. These are pure d'uccles, a few will be Mille fleur/porcelain cross color. My Spitzhauben lays bigger white eggs, so it's easy to tell apart, and my barred rock is a hen that lays huge eggs. I do have a younger barred cockerel, but he's only 3 months, and too young to breed- plus my d'uccle roos would tear him up if he tried. He knows his place. When he gets a little older he'll be moved out.
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    I bought these eggs earlier in the spring. Almost all of mine hatched and they were beautiful birds. I ended up with only 1 roo and 7 pullets. She packs extra safe too!
  6. Now up to 13 eggs.
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    is there a possibility you could include an ice pack in the package?

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