9 eggs disappeared whilst hen is sitting?


5 Years
Jul 2, 2016
3 weeks ago today my hen started sitting on 14 eggs, so they were due to hatch today but when i went down and felt under her when i saw that there was no chicks i noticed there wasnt many eggs there i pulled her off them for a moment and i noticed there was only 5 eggs left.

I've got no idea whats happened to them, another hen is laying eggs which im letting her keep her eggs so i know theres not a chook eating them while shes off them. Im in Australia and the weather is warming up for spring now so it could be snakes but they have only just started coming out and i havent noticed and distress amongst them. Does anyone have any idea why they could be disapeering?


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7 Years
Dec 29, 2015
Mossyrock, WA
Have to agree she would have kicked out any no good so if the snake took them then who cares ... would a snake steal them from under her?

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