9 Marans Pullets, 20+ Marans Cockerels From Dark Eggs - $5 - $13/ea MN


12 Years
Nov 1, 2007
Young Birds - 6 to 14 weeks old. All these chicks came from very nice dark eggs. We do not hatch anything that isn't qualified as a Marans egg (4 or better on the French Marans color scale, many are 5s, and some 6s). The color chart we use is the true French chart, not the American chart. On the American chart, our eggs are easily 8s or darker.

Some of the feather colors are sports. These are great dark layers. Parent stock is wheaten, blue wheaten, black tail buff and blue tail buff but most of the birds display some coloration faults (too much red, not enough red, shank color, etc.) All are healthy and should be excellent for producing dark egg color.

Pullets are $13 or take all at $12/ea
Cockerels are $5 or take all for $4/ea

Sorry, no shipping. We are located in the center of Minnesota, approximately 2 hours from Minneapolis/St. Paul and 2 hours from Fargo. Please call 320-732-4087 with questions.

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