9 mo old Buff Brahma sick/ laying down HELP


In the Brooder
9 Years
May 26, 2010
Forest Lake
Help - Buff Brahma 7 days ago did not go into the coop found her the next morning - she was standing quiet. She was not acting herself. Put her in the coop.. but, she just went into a corner and stood there.. Then started laying down and will not stand. She drinks, she eats ( given her protein - cat food), chicken food, electrolytes and antibiotic water, gave her baby aspirin for pain, gave her a Epsom salt bath last night. She seemed to like that. Cannot feel any egg in her. She is pecking around and her comb is good color. Her stools are runny but, kinda look normal color. What should I do for her? What do you think is wrong? She is in a heated garage in a basket with a heat lamp on her. Poor thing. Just want her to get better.

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