9 month old chicken unable to walk


Mar 3, 2020
I have a hen that I noticed a couple of weeks ago running with her holding her tail out instead of up. She's almost 10 months old. Then I saw her two days ago unable to move at all. Her front legs are straight in front of her. She will push against me when I try to place them under her body. I separated her in a brooder with heat food and water. She eats and drinks fine. She's in a sling to keep her from laying all day in the same position. Im giving her VitE and Selenium, B-12, Roost Booster. She seems to not be able to have bowel movements without helping her to stand up and then I think its more gravity then her able to push it out. Is there any hope for this girl? My guess is she has been injured somehow. Please help if you have any other ideas.
Leg paralysis is one of the more mysterious and vexing disorders to try to diagnose and treat. You might want to view a current thread I have going on this subject where I'm trying to diagnose and treat some pullets with the same issue. https://www.backyardchickens.com/th...update-now-another-pullet-going-lame.1432738/

In the beginning, I thought I might have Marek's in the flock, and I attempted to treat for that. Then I suspected an injury. Later, I came to suspect it is Mycoplasma synoviae I'm dealing with, and I just got the medicine to treat for that. It's all in the thread if you want to see how it may compare to your situation.

In addition to what you're doing, you can try putting your pullet under heat, and if you can find one, try her on an antibiotic.

On some rare occasions, there can be a problem with the chicken getting enough food due to bullying, and she may reach a starvation state and becomes too weak to stand. This condition can lead people to suspect Marek's or injury when it's simply low glucose. Try warm sugar water with Poultry Nutri-drench mixed in. I've seen this revive a chicken miraculously. If this is the case with your pullet, then steps need to be taken to address a bullying issue.
Has she ever laid eggs? It sounds like she is having some type of neurological problem. Sometimes it can be a back injury, a bony defect of the spine called spondylopathy, inflammation of internal organ causing pressure on sciatic nerves, or the dreaded Mareks disease virus. Time will tell.

Keep her close to food and water, and take her out of the sling for periods to rest and sleep. Some birds do not tolerate slings, and will try to kill themselves to escape. Make sure one of the vitamins contains riboflavin (B2) which can help in riboflavin deficiency, a cause of curled toe paralysis and lameness. There is a $20 blood serum test through RAL lab that you collect at home and get pcr testing for Mareks disease. Here is a link to that site with contact info:

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