9 month old German show line shepherd


11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
Heida vom Theishof out of V-1 Heike vom Theishof SchH II, Kkl 1-a by SG Bedarthvader vom Theishof SchH I, Kkl 1-a. She is a beautiful pup with very nice drive. She would love a show/Schutzhund home as she wants to work. The only reason I am selling her is because I have had a career change and with 2 jobs I just do not have the appropriate amount of time to devote to Heida.

She is 9 months old, UTD on shots and on Interceptor for heartworm prevention. I have 1 or 2 more doses that will go with her to her new home.

She has had obedience imprinting and some drive building work. She is ready to start serious obedience and protection and tracking imprinting work.

$800 but PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE TO THE RIGHT HOME. Dog club (preferably Schutzhund and/or conformation) references required to be eligible for discounted price. If you can satisfy me that she will go to a WORKING home (show, schutzhund, SAR, even agility, competive obedience ... any working discipline really) I would be willing to reduce her price to $500. I also wish to have a vet reference so I can be sure she will be kept on heartworm preventative and have the necessary checkups.

She was 6 months old in the photos. Will ship, if necessary. Cost of health certificate will be added to price and she will ship COD.

NOTE: Heida has been exposed to chickens since she was a tiny pup ... this does not mean, however, that she is chicken safe. I am very careful to keep my dogs separate from my chickens. She is a high prey drive dog and may never be chicken safe. If you are not able or willing to keep your dogs separate from your chickens, this may not be the dog for you.




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Nice dog. I train at OGINDY with Mike. I am known as Bill the bike guy to all non OG members.
Someone should snatch her right up.
I have a 3 year ole female from Gunnar the 2006 NE Schutzhund champ. She likes protection. Well, all my dogs like protection.
good luck, I am trying to keep myself from wanting her
She is a great little dog. A real sweatheart.

I am actually having a REALLY hard time selling her. I have gone back and forth about it for the last 2 months and have always selfishly changed my mind. I lost my 8 year old shepherd in February and Heida (who is actually Jenna's niece) is my last shepherd. I just know that she will be much better off with someone who has more time for her than I do. My only consolation will be to get her into a home where she gets the time she needs and the job she so desires.

Jenna was also V-rated SchH1 and LOVED protection. Is was the greatest game in the world to her ... well, next to frisbee.

I was sooo looking forward to competing with this girl and expect that she will do very well.
She sounds like a great little dog. I know mine treat protection as their reward. I am 15 mins from German Park here in INDY. that is where we train. Gabor is a guy who regularly traveled up from TENN to train every weekend. He is on the Hungarian national team. Mike Diehl our head trainer won the USA Schutzhund National Championshipt last year. Very nice and knowledgeable people to train with.
That would be so great to train with a team like that! I finally moved to an area where I have a club within 2 hours, but I have not had the time to really get involved. Nobody famous in this club though, lol.

Where I used to live (ND) it was 8 hours to the nearest club! I had to send my Jenna to her breeder for her titles. She was well started in everything from attending Triple Crown Academies dog trainer program with me, however. Jesse Gabriel and Rob Dunn have both competed in Nationals as well. It was an awesome experience to learn from them! I was really looking forward to titling this one myself. I hate it when life gets in the way.
Yeah, it is a 40 hour job to title a dog like that. I live close to train, and my chicken building process has consumed all my time. I am slowly getting back. But, I have too much to loose if I back off my birds. I am lucky to have the best of both worlds
Hey Bill, I didn't know training went on at German Park! That's awesome. A little off subject but do you know where in Hungary the guy you train with is from? I had a German Shepherd once and I sooo loved her, such a great companion! I miss her dearly.
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She is flat out beautiful! We have a female GS, "Sara" that we rescued from the Virginia GS Rescue group. Our Sara came to us so small, but we plumped her up to her maximum 50-55lbs (she's still tiny). :eek:)

I keep telling DH that we need to get Sara a friend.
DH is a deputy... although he doesn't work directly on the K9 unit, he does usually work side by side both the local and State K9s. I was really excited to meet them both (forget the humans, I was more psyched about the puppers!) - both by the way were GS dogs - they're just amazing animals, they really are.

I'd love to bring Heida into our home, but unfortunately we both work and we wouldn't be able to do more than just offer her lots of love and a huge country yard to play in - with plenty of chickens to watch (...hehe, Sara almost gave my chickens a heart attack when she chased them a few weeks back, so no puppers near the chickens).

Give Heida a big hug from us here in Virginia, and we'll keep our ears to the ground to see if the K9 units (or others) might be looking.

Best wishes!

Our Sara girl...
Your girl is beautiful as well

Heida probably would not be suitable for a K-9 unit (or anyone wanting to go national with Schutzhund). It is possible, but most of the show line dogs are a bit soft for really serious work. She has very nice drive, but it is not to the level of the top competition dogs.

I would be willing to let her go to a pet home also, as long as it is the right home where she would get plenty of attention and exercise. I would prefer a working home for her, but proper care and lots of love is my main objective for her.

Heida is not huge either (I would guesstimate her to be around 50 pounds right now) but is still growing. I would not expect her to get much larger than 60-65, though I have been surprised before.

German shepherds are definitely the best! I will miss not having one, but it just is not fair to her to keep holding on to her when I do not have the time

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