9 month old golden seabright bantam - sick - Marek's??


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May 15, 2010
I need some advice. Thankfully we have raised our flock of 3 barred rocks and two golden seabrights from 3 day old chicks fine, until about four weeks ago.
The little runt Seabright had been acting broody. Stopped laying, would not come out from under the coop or from in the coop. Her comb looked strange, not dark but bumpy. Her poo is normal. The huge problem now is her feet, they are curled up and she can't stand up. I had segregated her a couple of weeks ago and she bounced back, so I put her back with the rest. then last week I noticed that she wasn't coming out at all. Did not see her eat or drink. I have her in the barn in the dog crate with hay, water and food but she won't move. I tried yogurt to no avail, water with apple cider vinegar in a dropper, nothing. She just rolls her eyes and shakes her head. I'm so sad - don't know what to do. her legs are curved up under her and she is resting on her side. No gasping, coughing or hacking. I know I asked that they be vaccinated when I bought them so would she still get Mareks?

Hey how come no one is answering. Please folks, I don't want to lose this little girl. She is so sweet and lovable.
The reason I am putting this up is because there are other things that could cause this also, could she have been pecked in the head? could she have eaten moldy food? Here is some info on Mareks True that leg paralysis can be due to other things, but I need to point out that it could be Marek's even if she is the only one displaying symptoms. Marek's does not hit all your chickens at once like some people think - the usual number is somewhere between 10-20% over a period of time, usually years. Sometimes it doesn't effect any of them. I have friend with Marek's in her flock and she will lose a chicken now. The rest of her chickens are just fine - carriers of Marek's since they've been exposed, but show no signs of the disease at all.
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Re: Whats wrong with my hen? Marek disease? Photos included
We had some young pullets that had what looked to be wry neck, twisted neck and some paralysis. After much research, we put Vitamin E directly on their beaks and gave them Polyvisol. Before we determined Vitamin E, one did die. Two others recovered. None since. We were afraid it was Mareks but it turned out to be a true vitamin E deficiency. If none of your others are sick are presenting the symptoms of this hen, I don't think it is Mareks. Look up vitamin e deficiency in poultry. It appears you are doing all the right things if it is Vitamin E deficiency. Good luck.
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Re: Whats wrong with my hen? Marek disease? Photos included
Texas I have been giving her vit
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