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  1. I dont know how Brinsea came ip with the idea that my bator holds 20 eggs, they must mean small duck eggs. I managed to SQUEEZE 15 in there plus my hygrometer took up the space of 2 eggs. Oh well, 15 is better than none at all. Oh and remind me when they hatch that IM NOT ALLOUND TO KEEP ANY!!!
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    What are you hatching? I have runner eggs due here tomorrow, so will set tomorrow night. The last batch, I hand turned. I also have the Brinsea, so I CAN use that? I don't know why I thought duck eggs have to be hand turned....

    Any opinions duck lovers????
  3. Same as last time..my Runner babies havent popped any eggs out yes so this batch is white Magpie drake over female Pekins. My 2 that hatched out are white and the 1 that didnt make it was Magpie coloured so Im hoping for a mixed bag again.
    I hand turned my eggs, I didnt see the need to buy a turner when Im at home all day.
    What colour Runners are you putting in
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    Let us know how that "not keeping any" goes for you. [​IMG]

  5. [​IMG]
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    IDK what colors...its a surprise? I got them from a BYCer. She said she has black, white, fawn & white, silver & ???? maybe chocolate. Some have the tophat.(not sure if its called that) I am getting 9 eggs.

    My last batch I bought off a guy that had I sign out front of his house for duck eggs to eat for $2.00. I saw the runners in his yard and asked for some eggs. He gave me 6 for free because they were in the fridge and he didn't think they would hatch. I hatched 6/6. 1 died that same night, saved me from culling, it was just not right.
    They are 4 weeks old. Just starting to feather. 1 is black, 2 are blue, 1 is fawn & white and 1 is silver & white.
    I don't know the sex. I did watch the sexing video on Metzers site, but the babies were already 3 weeks old. I will sex this batch and just keep the females....maybe. lol

    I have become instantly addicted. They are so friendly and adorable. Of course they are stuck in the house until spring, so they are bonding with everyone. They hop right up on you lap and snuggle. [​IMG]

    I am also getting call duck eggs next week, I am super excited for them. I even made another incubator to hatch out all these ducks.

    So I will continue to hand turn then....Thanks
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    I just have 1 question, what do ya'll do with all the ducks you hatch out? I hope you don't mind me asking.. Thanks

  8. Miss Lydia. I will be keeping Elliot & Gemini only because they are me 1st born so to speak [​IMG]..thats my excuse and im sticking to it. [​IMG] All others I hatch I will sell or grow out a bit to see what they are like..then sell.
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    When I let my muscovies hatch, I couldn't hardly find anyone interested in them, but I didn't want to sell them for food either, By the way "go" I am working on my dh and so far I think I might be able to get a couple of runners from you so please put me on the waiting list..[​IMG]

  10. Quote:Yes Ma'am, You are top of my list.

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