9+ Quality Partridge Showgirl hatching eggs


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Up for Sale is 9+ Quality Partridge Showgirl eggs. I will include extras if they are laid before shipment. I can include white showgirls as well. Please let me know if you don't want the white as extras.
I will even throw in (or gently pack) some partridge silkies as extras if you are initerested since I don't have enough to sell by themselves.

The photos speak for themselves.
I have one partrideg showgirl Rooster housed with one partridge showgirl hen and one partridge hen.
Both of the showgirls have bowties. So you will get both showgirls and silkies out of these pairs.
They are from very good bloodlines. I can't say they are show quality because I do not show my birds but you won't be disappointed.
They are awesome birds.
I have been hatching these out they several have vaulted skulls.
So far they have all had 10 toes !!!
My laptop is in for repairs and this old PC doesn't have a card reader so I can't upload any chick pictures right now !! Sorry !!
I will ship these out Wednesday 3-9-2011 if payment received before 2pm CST on Wednesday or Thursday the 10th if payment received before 2pm CST Thursday.
PayPal only please.

Due to variations in incubators and hatching practices I cannot guarantee your hatch rate and of course I have no control over the Postal service and cannot guarantee that they won't scramble them. Not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. If you would like to insure the package it will cost and additional $1.75. But on this end I know my small town postal service handles my eggs with kid gloves. Due to the cold WI weather I am lining the shipping box with 3/4" styrofoam at no charge.
Shipping will be the actual cost of priority mail so if you win the auction please email me your zip code so I can calculate the shipping for you.
Please email me your paypal address and your zip code, and phone number if you would like me to have the "Call & Hold" your eggs for pickup at the PO.

Emailing me is best since my BYC inbox seems to fill up very quickly these days !

Thanks and good luck !!




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