9 RIR, and 3 Golden Comet eggs $20- SOLD to Kenny671

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    $20 (which includes shipping price) for 9 RIR eggs, and 3 Golden comet eggs. One of the RIR eggs is a double yolker. I did have two but I decided to try my hand at hatching the one double yolker.

    These are not from my flock, they are from a local breeder who sells primarily for eating eggs, and I asked her if I can distribute her eggs as well as hatch them for myself. She's all go for it so I brought home an extra RIR eggs (dozen) to offer for sale and switched in a few Golden Comet eggs into the batch.

    Will be shipped UPS with tracking (will send you tracking number as soon as I recieve it in the mail). Can only accept money or cashiers check sorry (no pay pal yet).

    Golden Comet eggs will ALSO be $20 which includes shipping prices. I wont get golden comet eggs until next saturday so if you want some, please let me know ASAP so I can let the breeder know and send me out the moneyorder or cashiers check this week please.

    Golden Comets are RIR crossed with White Leghorns really pretty sex-linked birds.

    Please PM me if you're interested. I will only send them out on mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays.

    PIcture of the two double yolkers (in the middle) next to the other RIR eggs:

    The whole dozen (the doubles are in the top left corner):
    ^ Picture does not show the three golden comet eggs, I switched them out after the picture. If you'd like to see them too just let me know i have no problem taking a picture.
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