9 RIR cockerels and 3 mo old Cuckoo Maran roo for TRADE for adult laying hens or decent sized pullet


6 Years
Mar 24, 2013
Palm Coast, FL
I have 9 Rhode Island Reds cockerels (roosters) that I was going to raise for the roasting pot, but I really have too many chickens (37 in a small area!). I also have a 3 month old cuckoo maran rooster (dark phase) that I'm looking to let go of.....

The little RIR's are vigorous, healthy, 2 week old guys. The cuckoo maran was supposed to be a female. I have his brother, so I'm getting another rooster in the name of genetic diversity (trades?)

I drive often between Daytona, Palm Coast, and Jacksonville, so I can meet anywhere in between. I'm looking to get 3-4 pullets or two adult laying hens obo.

PM me and we can make a deal!

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