9 Silkie Eggs (great for putting under a broody)

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    Mar 11, 2008
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    I have 9 eggs Silkie Eggs Assorted colors. Color will come from those that are laying.. but anything can go with silkies. I have: Black-Lav-Splits, White, B/B/S, Silver/Grey Partridge, Partridge, Calico, Splash (which has a new boy and he is awesome), and Buff. Also if you want the post office to call you please include your phone number in the paypal comment section.

    I acutally have two sets of 9 eggs. Did 9 eggs for those of you who want to try hatching or only have a small bator or a broody. You can get 9 for 28 or the 18 for $40 plus shipping. Let me know when you win which you want. Thanks

    If you would like to see more of my birds please visit the new revamp site at www.cjsilkies.com on the site is also a Winner's Circle tab for those that want to know if I have show quality silkies.

    When auction is over please paypal to [email protected]

    Thanks for bidding. Cj


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