9 SQ Polish Bantam Frizzle Eggs

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    Mar 25, 2010
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    I Have 8 Polish Bantam Frizzle Eggs. Most Of These Birds Are SQ. I Was Going To Put Them In The Bator Today But Instead My Serama Eggs Went In. I Have 1 Standard Blue Hen Crossed With A Frizzle Bantam To SO THERE IS 1 EGG FROM HER TO MAKE total of 9. I Have Around 4 Frizzle Roos And 2 Non Frizzle And 3 Frizzle Hens And 4 Not Frizzled all bantam. YOU WILL GET BOTH BLUE AND BLACK. I Hatch Approx. 50/50. I Will Not Guarentee The Hatch Because Heat And Usps But I Do Have New Foam For Packing Eggs Only. so you will get 8 bantam and 1 cross. winner pays s&h of 12.00 usps flat rate. I will ship as soon as auction is over. Paypal only!


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