9 week Easter Egger - pullet disguised as a roo?


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Apr 19, 2020
Hi friends! I have been working through a tough situation and would love your advice. We have a 9 week EE “pullet” that I’m convinced is a roo (and everyone I show him to agrees!). He’s got a pronounced pea comb, the red splotched shoulders, long tail feathers, and the brave/assertive personality. After seeing all these “roo traits” emerge, I started the tough task of trying to rehome him. As I was reaching out to ppl this past week for rehoming options, the farm I got him from told me they think he’s a girl and that EEs are notoriously hard to gender. They said they’ve had ppl dump what looked like roo EEs on their farm that ended up just being masculine looking EE hens. They really thinks we should wait it out until he crows.

Waiting it out would normally be what I’d want to do but the challenge is that we have another chick his age that we’ve been trying to integrate into our older flock (The older flock is 4-8 weeks older and are not fans of these two little ones). So if I rehome him, she’ll be alone and she’ll be totally picked on by my older flock. So my original goal was to rehome him and get another pullet from a local farm that I confirmed has some EE pullets that are 9-weeks.

So my question is this - do you think there’s any hope this little guy/gal could be a hen? The red on his feathers is actually just on the tips (not sure if that means anything!). I can’t quite tell if I see saddle feathers coming in. Have any of you had EEs with those red markings that ended up being a pullet? Always appreciate your advice!


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