9 week old bantam with respiratory illness


May 21, 2020
I have a previously well 9 week old pekin bantam chick.
Since I purchased it as a 1 week old i had noted it sneeze intermittently but it was otherwise completely well.
8 days ago it developed an increased respiratory rate, intermittent wheezing and breathing with the beak parted most of the time (but especially after eating or drinking). There is occasionally a tiny amount of clear exudate from nostrils but no swelling.
I took her to the vet and she has been on augmentin liquid (antibiotics) for 5 days.
While she hasn't gotten worse I haven't really seen an improvement in symptoms.
Still eating and drinking but more subdued in behaviour than usual. Still appears to be growing despite all of this.

As silly as it sounds I haven't separated it from the other two as they get extremely distressed if separated. The other chickens are not showing any signs of illness.
I keep their pen well cleaned and bring them in under light at night as it is winter.

I had expected to see improvement at this stage. Wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or have any other suggestions as to what I could try?

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