9 Week Old Buckeye Chick - Morrow County, Ohio - Pick up only

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    I have a 9 week old Buckeye Chick for adoption. I am charging a fee of $10 to ensure that she goes to a good home.

    Her name is Skeeter and here's her story:
    Unfortunately when Skeeter was 7 weeks old she was stepped on and has been having some mobility issues since then.
    Skeeter is a fighter and a free ranger at heart. She is happiest when she is outside but she has difficulty moving around.
    Her movements take her in a diagonal line and she uses her wings to balance herself and move herself around too.
    I tried bracing her leg and she keeps managing to get the brace off every time. I did allow her to stay with the other chicks at first but she would push under them at night so that she had 5-6 chicks on top of her...so for the past week she has been caged by herself in the coop. Being caged is making her anxious (as I said she's a free ranger at heart) and it pains me to see her so upset.

    I cannot justify taking Skeeter to a vet and I don't have the heart to put her down. So I would like to find someone who would like to care for her and nurse her to her full potential.

    If that is you then PM me for more information (please do not use the buy it now button).

    Skeeter is available for pick up only in Central Ohio.

    I will try to get a good picture of her tomorrow to post.

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