9 week old chicks like rain?


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Apr 12, 2012
We had a tstorm tonight. Lots of wind and rain and I looked out to check on the babies because they are in a small coop that they can go outside or inside on their own. They were all outside still just huddled down in the grass! I couldn't believe it because my grown ladies run inside as soon as the rain starts.

Is this okay? I wouldn't be as concerned if it was the middle of the day and the sun was coming out after to warm them up but it was evening and the sun was setting and it is supposed to get chilly tonight. So I ran out there and tried to show them to go inside but they just kept running back out into the rain. I made a small coop inside of my large one with a top on it so they could be inside with the heat lamp to dry them off throughout the night because they were drenched.

Do you think I am being overly paranoid? Is it okay for them to get that wet, would they be okay if I left them to dry off on their own through the night?
I would of done the same thing made the little babys go in and dry off like you said if it was middle of day thats one thing but at night yoru risking them getting sick just like kids they love to play in the rain and dont think about the cold then the next day you have a bunch of sick kids
Thanks, afterwards I was thinking how crazy I must have looked out there in the rain pulling all that together. The things we do for our babies. lol
I've had to bring my chickens in to towel them off and blow dry them! My roo really loved standing in the rain and getting wet

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