9 week old light Brahma chick- coquettish cockerel or pushy pullet?


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Jun 9, 2020
Lakshmi/shmo is such a sweet thing. S/he is certainly top chicken- gregarious, inquisitive and gently bossy around her feathered friends. I'm hoping against hope that Shmi is a she. S/he lives in a mixed heritage breed flock with no other brahmas with which to compare development. At 9 weeks her face is just starting to turn pinkish/red ( slightly more so then the photos show), single row comb for now, and no wattle development to speak of. I know that Brahmas develop slowly ( she still has some chick fluff on her body and was pretty patchy for a while) and I will likely have to wait for her to completely feather out; but the current state of her tail feathers has me kind of worried . They are wispy and slightly down turned- no hackle or saddle feathers visible just yet. I love her, she nestles into my neck and shoulder every chance she gets. What do you guys think???
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