9 week old pekin.... what gender (pics)


9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Northern WI
Ok, I have 2 pekins. At this point I pretty sure there the same gender, I don't know which gender though. They both don't honk yet, but to me they have the hens tail feathers... I don't know which, is which... but I doesnt matter they look and sound exactly the same.


Sorry to say...But if they arent making the loud quack by this age they are more likely males that have not yet grown the curl in their tails. Very nice looking ducks though...
is 2 females and 2 males ok, or is that not enough females? i really dont want to get more ducks, but i also dont want to get rid of one of my drakes. i've had my ducks too long to get rid of them now! (about 10 weeks) lol
I hear the recommended ratio is 1 drake: 3 hens so they don't get too much attention. I'm sure it depends on the duck, and maybe someone has been able to maintain the 1:1 ratio you have, but from what I hear it sounds like you need more hens or fewer drakes.
If it were me (I understand your position), I would resist getting rid of my 'babies' and I def can't have more so I would wait it out and watch them to see if they are bothering the girls too much. Chances are they will, but you never really know unless you give it a try? I've never had drake so all I can offer is a guess/uneducated opinion.

Hope all goes well!

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