9 week old ~ pullet or cockerel?


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Help me out with this 9 week old. It's comb is almost nonexistent but I'm not sure if it is a she or a he!




I'm hoping for a pullet.

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Well I'm a COMPLETE newbie but I'd definitely guess pullet. I'd think any 9-week old roo would have SOME type of red showing... and yours doesn't. I'm sure somebody that knows what he/she is talking about will chime in soon.
I say female because I have the SAME markings on one of mine that was supposed to be a pullet.....well he started crowing a few weeks ago, (literally looks identical to yours-wish I had a pic) and his comb is much more defined than yours...I def. think that you have a pullet there....Congrats!
I thought you some how got a picture of my EE that I'm going back and forth on. They look identical.

here is what I'm seeing with yours and mine,

Possible roo
Saddle feathers look rooish
Tail feathers are curling at end
very small spur (mine)

Possible pullet
no red in comb or wattles
legs are thin (mine)
Doesn't act like a roo (mine)

I still dont know. I will just watch and wait for an expert to chime in.
Thanks everyone ~ I have my fingers crossed for a pullet, I keep thinking some of those feathers look a little rooish. I'm not sure what breeds may be in her as there the person I got her from had a mix pen with an EE roo.
my guess would be a silver laced wyandotte x EE
last pic, comb IS red, tailfeathers are pretty long and there is some rust color coming through(will probably show on the shoulders soon too), you won't see the sickle feathers for a few more weeks

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