9 wk old chicks attacked, 1 dead, 1 survivor. Need advice on treatment.


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Apr 30, 2012
Kelso/Castle Rock. Washington

This afternoon we had something dig a small hole into our coop. We have a chicken wire skirt but whatever it was, was able to fit through the holes in the wire. It attacked 2 chicks, killing and partially eating one, and tried to pull it back through the hole and out of the coop but was unsuccessful. The 2nd chick has a small puncture wound on top of her head right behind her cone and a pretty nasty wound on the back of her neck. I gathered up all 3 chicks and took them inside. Cleaned her wound with triodine-7 and she's resting in a big wire dog crate with a heat lamp in the basement.
She's eating and drinking just fine and is up and walking around like nothing happened. I'm just wondering how often to clean it and if I should get her on an antibiotic?

Thanks in advance!!
Chickens heal remarkably well. If they don't peck at each others' wounds, you may not even have to do anything, but I would watch for this pecking. Many people apply a little Neosporin or similar ointment once a day or so. The only caveat is, never use one with a "caine" drug in it such as cetacaine, benzocaine, etc. Chickens are highly sensitive to these drugs, and can be overdosed to the point of death quite readily.

I keep a can of BluKote for minor wounds. This is basically gentian violet, which turns the wound bluish purple, which masks the red color and often seems to discourage pecking. It is also an antiseptic. In a pinch, you could even try a dab of blue or green food coloring.
Thank you so much for the advice and tips!! I will pick some blukote up today and I will check to make sure our neosporin doesn't have any of the caines in them.
I was really surprised at how well she seemed to be doing after the attack, she was up and wandering around like nothing ever happened and she has been ever since!
Thanks a bunch, you have been very helpful!!
Just an update for anyone who stumbles upon this at a later date.
Our surviving chick is doing very well, eating, drinking and active. We've been keeping her wound very clean and applying neosporin to it 2x's a day. She's a champ!!

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