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    I came home today to find my silkie 3 mo. chick and 2-10 week old Eng orps dead. I noticed Friday evening some blood in the shavings. I wormed them just in case (which i do monthly anyways w/ DE). When I found them this afternoon I immediately cleaned and disinfected all cages, feed bowls and watering containers. Put new shavings in and then I saw one poop and it was blood. SO..I went into panic mode. Read on a thread here it is Cocci. I have isolate 3 silkies, one I saw poop and 2 that had blood on their fluff around vent. We have had hot, humid and rainy weather for 2 weeks. I have a fan in the hen house room they are in with windows and doors open.
    I had my DH go get Corid..but a friend of mine is telling me they need antibiotics....but I have then on medicated feed since hatching. Or do they need both? I also had him get yogurt and powdered milk. So...I need to see if this is correct or if there is something else I need to do. It is going to be a huge loss if I lose these babies..a huge heartache.
    Thanks so much!

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    Not sure why you would give them antibiotics on top of Corid? - but I'm inexperienced compared to some of the people around here, so who knows.

    If they are pooping pure blood, it could be too late, as the damage has already been done to their intestines. But you should grab the oral Corid solution which is 9.6% amprolium. It's marketed for cattle/goats but is perfect for chickens. I was advised by my poultry vet to administer 9 ml/cc per 1 gallon of water. Give this to them for 7 days, and change out the water EVERY day.

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