911 chicken attack skin gone under wing

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    Jun 8, 2012
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    Okay BYC family you are not going to believe this one. Came home this p.m. to a chicken that had been attack (by something?). She has a wound under her wing about 3" - 4" around with the skin gone except for a piece at the bottom of the wound. I sent a text to my vet to see if I could go to her house tomorrow so she could Dr. the bird. Tues. are her day off and she is a mobile vet - mostly her truck is her office. She calls me a little later and tells me how to Dr. the chick. She had recently attended a chcken doctering syminar and the Dr. giving the told the Vets the best way to treat wounds on a chicken is to ..........are you sitting down?......spray it with ..........PRUNING SPRAY ! YEP ! The same thing you spray on a tree. She said all the Vets just stared at each other in disbelief. She said this Dr. was a poulty expert and the Dr. said it sounds very strange but it works. It covers the wound, keeps dirt and infecton out the 'tar' in the spray helps it heal and the other chickens won't peck at it. Well folks, I think pretty highly of my Vet. She comes to your place, Dr's the animals for what they actually NEED done with out a lot of frills and paddin the bill. She makes suggestions of things you might want to do to give your animal better health. If there is a serious problem she always gives options, always including the ones that are the cheapest, then she finishes with "If it were my [dog, cat, horse, chicken,what ever] here is what I would do." The answer is usually the most economical. So with all the faith in the world in Dr. B. first thing in the morining I headed to town to get some pruning spray. I'll let you know how it works.
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    Some pruning sprays contain among other ingredients isobutane,propane,asphalt,these are not ingredients i want on my animals. Pruning sprays can be toxic to animals,so be careful which one you use.

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