911!!!!!!! really bad cut need advice

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    Mar 9, 2014
    My black Jersey giant is hurt. She is missing the feathers on her back and she had a small cut above her left leg from about a week ago that i had treated and it was scabbed over. Well today our neighbors puppy got thru the fence. She didnt hurt any of the birds per say she just chased them around playing i guess. Once i got her out i noticed some blood on the white hens. None of them injured i lookdd at all the bird well my girl with the small cut apparently ripped open!! Im not sure if its from the running but it went from a one inch cut to a 4-5inch gash!! It is just the outer skin it is not the tissue. The skin has peeled back and there is like a 3 inch gap. I have her inside she is standing and doesnt seem to be in distress other than not knowing where the hell she is lol. But I'm scared of infection and i think the skin is too far apart to heal on its own. Advise please
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    Go to Walgreens or CVS or any store that carries medical supplies... Grab some chlorhexidine (it's in the hydro perox section).

    Bust out your chicken infirmary and isolate her inside. Give her food and water, of course.

    To treat, wrap her in a towel and cover her head to calm her down. Flush the wound with some warm saline water. You can use table salt. You may have to get a Q-tip to get any dirt under her skin.

    Once you have flushed the wound, pour the chlorhexadine *liberally* down inside the wound. It may sting her, so watch for her jumping and struggling a bit (this is why you wrap her in a towel!).

    Repeat this twice a day until her wound closes up and starts to heal. You shouldn't need any antibiotic ointment or anything. Just the chlorhexidine. I'd also boil a few eggs for her to get a protein boost.

    This is how I treated my hen with a spur wound/gash in her side from an overzealous rooster... She's all better now!

    Keep us posted. :)

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    Just another option, I bought some Vetricyn and washed a wound liberally with it for multiple days in a row and it seemed to speed up healing quite a bit. It was pricy, but it didn't seem to bother my hen who had a massive shoulder injury.

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