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Feb 10, 2008
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The Bronze could be Broad Breasted or Standard Bronze. Around here people call them the same thing "old time bronze" They think all white turkeys are turkey house "butterballs"

Steve in NC


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** ** BB White
** ** BB Bronze

Usually the BB white are called Great Whites by most hatcheries. Great whites are what is used today
at commercial turkey farms since it has mostly white feathers it looks cleaner when plucked. The BB bronze were
used as commercial birds before the Whites were developed. Generally you should not keep these as pets since
they can grow very large, That is the males can go 50 pounds or more if you let them. Normally you don't
let these go more then 20 weeks before butchering. At that time males could range in the 24 to 28 pound
range dressed.

Both the BB Bronze and Great whites are usually very mellow and laying back, but not always. Since
they do grow fast they eat and pop a lot. The BB Bronze have shorter legs and wider spaced legs the most
other turkeys.

-- Heritage (Domestic - Consumption/Good Pets?)
** ** Bourbon Red?
** ** Royal Palms?

Not sure about the Royal Palms as we never raised them, the Bourbon Red are a popular turkey because
of there finished size at 30 weeks. They are also considered a good tasting meat turkey. They are good
foragers which helps with the feed bill if you can get them on grass and weeds. They seem to prefer weeds
and wide bladed grass over narrow bladed ornamental grasses. But if you have a larger group of birds that
won't be constant in size and weight. The are some what skidish and nervous birds. But if you have
more contact with them the seem to calm down.

-- Wild Type (Wild - Consumption/Ok Pets?)
** ** Eastern
** ** Rio's

In our state it takes a permit to raise a wild type. But they are usually smaller then domesticated turkey,
and can fly higher and further.

Old style Bronze would be a standard Bronze, which is not the same as a BB bronze. The color and feathers look the same
but they are the size of a Heritage turkey. They look simular to a eastern wild turkey except the a tint on bronze color
in the feathers.

Beware all Turkeys grow larger faster then Chickens, so have there house ready ahead of time.


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May 4, 2008
let me just say... JUST because the personality of the bird is skittish doesn't mean the breed of the bird is wild type it may mean the bird has not been handled.

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