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    Sam, are you saying they where exposed to lite rain all ready. If so they should be OK as the oil glads should have been used already, during the summer months when we are raising poults in a covered area starting at 8-10 weeks old i mist the with light water to activate there oils glands and get them preening, so if they have been exposed to lite rain you should be OK.

    if they have not been exposed to any water they are going to get soaked fast and not shed water off so easily, they may be ok if they are full grown and it don't get to cold during the night. If you have shelter push them in if you can or let them come and go if they go in there anyway they may stay inside.

    hope this helps
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    Considering their age I think they'd be fine but if you're really concerned just block em up just to be safe [​IMG]. Your call deffinatly. I so am not excited about tomorrows rain...[​IMG]. It's difficult enough going up the hill to feed my quail and when it's wet...just that much more difficult! LOL! We've had a few dramatic soakers already though, so atleast im seasoned on my amble up to the coop! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]I do lock my turkeys up in those cold soaking rains. I have way too much time and money invested in them to take any chances.

    Besides, they taste soooo good:D I want to make sure they make it to the holidays!


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