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  1. Hi all! Mom and I had just finished feeding the chickens when mom heard peeping coming from under a bush. We bent down and saw a young bird right under the bush! We tried to catch it but it just went farther into the bush. But it didn't even try to fly away. We think that it is a sparrow. Mom and I decided to leave it under the bush until the morning. Then we'll check on it and if it looks worse, then we'll bring it inside and see what we can do. If we do have to bring it inside in the morning, do y'all have any suggestions on what to feed it? Thanks so much.

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    please leave the bird alone. I have seen many of them on the ground. I caught a cardinal baby in the middle of the road. you know I almost was attacked! they are probably at the age to fend for themselves. please leaave him be.

    I am not trying to be rude just gioving advice
  3. It's ok! I don't think that you're being rude. We won't bring it inside.
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    thank you. the cardinal attack happened last yr. they sat in the trees watching me swooping as I walked with the baby bird in my hand. 5 of them almost clipped my face with there nails. if its under the bush its hiding from predators so it should be safe
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    Inuyashalover21 is right. It's so hard not to want to help, but unless it is in imminent danger from a predator or is in the middle of the road, it's best to let them be. The parents will continue to feed it while it is on the ground, and it will soon be flying. I have raised baby birds in the past, and turned some over to wildlife rehabilitators, but it is extremely difficult and should only be done if absolutely necessary. If it is able to get away from you, it should be fine.
    It's also possible that it is an adult bird that hit a window, and recovered shortly after. If they don't recover, I always tell myself that the foxes need food too, and that is nature's way of feeding everybody!
    Your heart is in the right place. We need more caring people like you.
  6. Quote:Thank you. [​IMG]
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    Yeah, sometimes when the baby falls out of the nest, they parents will still take care of it. It might be getting ready to try flying, and made a failed attempt. I agree with leaving it alone though, but I really cant tell ya to because I've saved many baby birds.
  8. Well, mom and I just came back inside from feeding the chickens. The baby bird was lying dead in the middle of the yard. [​IMG] Poor thing.
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    poor thing. even if you saved it there would have been no chance. Maybe he just hit the window and broke something or broke his wing.
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    I'm so sorry! [​IMG] [​IMG] :thun

    I wouldn't recommend bringing it inside now.....

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