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I thought It was about time I introduced myself and let everyone know what we are breeding and keeping,

I am Rob Dodge, and I live with my Partner Sarah and our children, Matthew, Johanna and Ebony, we have other pets which are..
Scrappy who is a 20 month old Patterdale Terrier, Ziggy our 7 year old Green Iguana, Ice our 11 month old Albino Ringneck Parrot.

Our chicken friends are..
Mocha and Sparkle - 2 Hybrid Layers,
Millie - Golden Partridge Wyandotte Hen,
Frizzle - Charcoal Frizzle Pekin Bantam,
Violet - Lavender Straight Feather Pekin Bantam,
Barry - White Pekin Bantam Roo,
GaGa - Mille Fleur x White Pekin Bantam Roo (He was bought as a Hen - hence the name ! lol )
Daisy - White Mille Fleur Roo - which again was sold to us as a Hen but he isn't he has also suffered from a sort of stroke so is living in the bath at the moment but I think we may have to allow him to go to chicken heaven as he is struggling more every day

Buffy - Buff Pekin Bantam Hen (Exhibition / Show Quality Hen)

Tina - Gold Laced Polish Bantam Hen
Turner Gold Laced Polish Bantam Roo (This is a breeding Pair)

Bluto - Blue Cochin Roo
Blueberry Blue Cochin Hen
Bluebottle Blue Cochin Hen (These are a Show Quality Breeding Trio)

Tall Boy - Golden Partridge Bantam Roo
Sarah - Golden Partridge Bantam Hen
Gemima Golden Partridge Bantam Hen (Ex Show Quality Breeding Trio - Hens are slowing down now as they are just over 2 years - still the occasional egg though !
Gus - Golden Partridge Roo who is waiting for me to buy 2 hens for him !

Un named Chicks..

2 x 4 week Old Chocolate Split Pekin Bantams 1x Roo & 1 Hen - Will be a breeding pair later in the year,
4 x 2 1/2 week Old Pure Chocolate Pekin Bantams - unsexed at present,
1 x 1 Week old Pure Chocolate Pekin Bantam
1 x 1 Week Old Lavender Pekin Bantam - our first from our new incubator called " Pingu "
5 x 2 Day old Lavender Pekin Bantams
2 x 1 Day old Buff Columbian Pekin Bantam
1 x 1 Day Old White Pekin Bantam.

In the Incubator - 2 Pekin Bantam eggs due in the next 48 hours, 1 Black Silkie due to hatch in next 72 hours plus a selection of Pekin Hatching eggs from our 3 and 2 eggs from the Polish Pair and 3 from the Golden Partridge Wyandotte.

That is my lot - Phew !
I am having to buy an additional incubator tomorrow (Rcom - 20) as I have another 30+ Eggs waiting to be incubated.

I am also off to purchase some " Showgirl " Hatching Eggs and Chicks next weekend which I should have available to sell on later in the year, feel free to contact me in early June for more information.

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone,

Kind Regards
Dr Rob.

P.s I could do with some advice on how to go about showing my Blue Cochins if any one could give me some pointers that would be fantastic !

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