A big night at our farm


Terd of Hurtles
11 Years
Oct 23, 2008
Northwestern Minnesota
Yesterday at 4:00 the huge corn chopper came out with his 2 trucks and 8-wheel tractor and started chopping our corn. DH went home early to show him which end of the corn we wanted done (for deer hunting purposes) and the kids and I hurried home right after work...after all, its not every day we have so much activity at our house!

They cut 9 acres for the neighbor, which we sold/traded for some cash and some hay bales for our cattle. Then they cut 6 acres for us, which are now piled next to my chicken coop. OK, exciting as it was, I just have to interject here that DH told them to put it NEXT TO my coop and I DESPISE the smell of silage. OK now that thats out there, the kids got to ride in the corn chopper, the guy was really nice to take them with him for a few rounds, and then we all sat in the hay shed, well out of the way, while the giant tractor drove the pile down over and over to pack it down. The kids screamed, laughed, and hollered till dark... I had to force them to come in for supper.

The ducks will be pleased but I am still waiting to see how I like having a steaming pile of corn next to the coop all winter. At least it can be fed to the chooks too and not just the cows!

That was our night. I'm sure there will be no eggs for a few days, the birds werent pleased with the commotion next to their house.
I have to say I've never witnessed a farm thing like that. Around here we don't have things called "silage". I'm so deprived!

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