A bit young for marriage plans, aren't you?

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    Well. Never saw that coming. [​IMG] The other day we were all out working in the yard, and my 8 YO brother suddenly says, ''Evelyn, did you know that I'm going to marry Naomi?''
    ''You are?''
    ''Yes. Or maybe Leah, I can't decide...''
    Leah and Naomi are sisters, so this should be fun. [​IMG]
    Then the other brother chimes in with, ''Yeah! And I'm marrying Faith!''
    Wow. Well, I guess this means I get to be related to their older sistes, who are some of my best friends. [​IMG]
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    Jun 24, 2008
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    Don't feel bad, my daughter got her first proposal in first grade. The little boy even went home and informed his parents of his decision. [​IMG]

    They're in 3rd grade now and still plan on getting married some day, but he's not allowed to touch her because he's always "icky". [​IMG]
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    One Valentines Day I came home and told Anne that I had intended to get her a dozen roses, but they were $40 a dozen, so...
    She told me to look in the living room. There was a huge bouquet of long-stem roses in a tall vase. They were from a boy in my daughter's fourth-grade room.
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    when Kaylee was 4 she told my MIL she was going to have a baby when she was 16. because then she could drive it where it wanted to go. I believe this was shortly after she was denied a trip to mcDonalds
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    Quote:OOH, SNAP!! [​IMG]
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    When I was in first grade I used to stop in a small grocery store on my way to school and steal an apple or orange for a little girl in my room. I stopped doing that when on the way home I sneaked up behind her and kissed her. She chased me out into the street, and I got hit, only slightly, by a car sliding with brakes on to stop. THAT was the end of that romance and my crime spree, especially when the driver went to my home and told my mother what happened. He got to my home before I did.
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    [​IMG] Oh, my. *Goes to talk to her brothers about not taking puppy love too far*
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    My daughter has two boys in daycare that want to marry her! lol, they weren't even old enough for school.. There all still buddies, now there in school!
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    Lol i have a story..
    My two little bros (3 yo. and 5 y.o) argue over who is going to marry my best friend! She is like 14 so i tease her about it all the time! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Okay, that is too cute! [​IMG]

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