10 Years
Mar 30, 2009
South Alabama
I have a 3 mo+ chick that my broody hatched out. It still clings to her like it was just a week or so old. Before she started sitting this past week on a new batch of eggs the chick was roosting with the hen up in the roost...and she was still sleeping under the hen. So, the hen was basically sitting on the chick up in the roost. Now, the hen has started sitting and so has the chick! LOL It is too cute but I keep trying to shew her out but who knows, maybe she is helping keep these eggs warm (11 of them) The chick goes outside and hangs with the other chicks a while but she is soon right back at her mamas side in the nest...night and day. LOL I will snap a pic when I go out and feed this afternoon. Toooo Cute LOL
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I guess she doesn't want to leave the nest! The hen had 3 other chicks besides this one but they weren't her biological chicks and after a month or so she decided to shew them. She wouldn't have anything to do with the other 3 anymore....just her own biologial chick. Now, the chick loves her mommy so much she can't do anything without her....lol

My batteries were dead yesterday so I will get some more when I run to the store today and get a pic!

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