A Broody.............ROO?!?!

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  1. I know that in some species the male helps rear young, and I guess it should be no surprise that I am asking this.

    But I got home yesterday evening and noticed an egg in my lavender pen. Well since everyone had food and water, and I was EXHAUSTED from the show I decided that I wasn't going to mess with anything and wait until this morning to tend to stuff, and left the single egg in there.

    Well this morning I went out to change water, refill feeders, and gather any eggs that have begun to come with more regularity. But when I got to the lavender pen, where I knew an egg was, I found me roo.....SITTING ON THE EGG AS IF TO BROOD!

    Now as I said, this should be no surprise especially because I know Silkies will brood a tennis ball if given the chance, (true story, tell ya another time.)

    But I've never had a male do it before. Has anyone else seen this behavior from their Rooster?
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    no but thats interesting keep us updated with pics
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    Yup, my orp roosters do it too. Goofy boys! [​IMG]


  4. Quote:Thats funny! I've never seen that before!
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    Yes, my White silkie Rooster Q-tip, while never having sat on eggs, has raised an entire little flock of 13 chicks from day old to adulthood, and he was quite proud of himself. It started when I was desperate to separate him safely in the warmest place I could find after he fell in the water tub and almost froze to death....so he went in the brooder pen with the babies! And he stayed there, they loved him, he loved them.
  6. Quote:THAT is funny! I love his name!!!
  7. tfpets

    tfpets Mmm, tastes like chicken

    Quote:THAT is funny! I love his name!!!

    Thank you! I dont name every one of my chickens, they usually earn them somehow...
    Q-tip is a little Q-tip, white and fluffy like cotton, and sweet as can be. Our arch enemy in the pet area is the evil Snowball, who is mean as can be, he used to jump on us and attack me harshly, and if I could I do it, I would put him in the stew pot. But instead, I dunked him in the water tub on purpose, and put him in a bucket to drip dry. Last time I did that, I had all the ladies (hens) gather around to see what I had in the bucket? I swear, I think they were laughing at him! The evil Snowball gives me a very wide path to walk in the pet area now - I think he has a whole new respect for me?
    I ramble, sorry, roosters are such characters!!

    Oh yeah, I love your birds! I think you have some of the most beautiful silkies I have seen. I saw your videos and photos, absolutely amazing! I wish mine were half as fine, but mine are pets, and I love them just the same! Also your coop setup is interesting and quite space saving. Does it help to keep the silkies in condition? How does it hold up in the weather? Do you have to cover them up in the winter or what?

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    Aww what good papas [​IMG]

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