A broody Story.

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    About 46 days ago...My young 7 month old Grey silkie set out to hatch some eggs.

    I thought she was sick because she was staying inside the coop and would not come out.

    I found her on 7 eggs and very much broody. I decided to move her so I got a pet taxi and placed her and eggs inside with LOT'S of hay.

    As day and day passed I began to toss eggs as I candled. Once on day 8 and then again on day 18. By day 18 she had one lone egg that had anything growing inside.

    I was uncertin she would have anything to hatch so I came on BYC and found someone nice enough to send me some eggs for her for just shipping costs. He sent me eggs on a Tuesday and I did not recieve them till the next tuesday so 7 days in the mail. The day I recieved these eggs a Ice storm hit. The lone egg was still under my broody and I was just giving it time thinking the cold had delayed its growth. I was without electric for 3 days and the shipped eggs sit in my cold house for 3 days. So by then the eggs where 10 days old. Maybe even older because I am uncertin when they was collected.

    My electric come on 3 days after I recieved the eggs and placed them in a cooler with a heating pad waiting to see if the lone egg under my broody would hatch. Day 21 came and gone nothing day 22 came and gone nothing. Day 23 I candled the egg and it had died. It had piped the air sac but did not pip the shell. I placed the 9 eggs from the BYC member and 1 from my own hens. I gave up on these eggs thinking nothing would hatch from them. Day 8 came to candle I tossed all eggs but 4. They all looked real good and growing at the right pace. Now by then my girl had been siting for 31 days. So I was crossing my fingers hoping this girl got somthing for all her hard work. Day 18 I candled again all 4 eggs looked promising. By then she had been sitting for 41 days. As day 21 came I was so excited..Nothing hatched..I was heartbroken but I knew I'd wait before tossing anything. Day 22 One eggie hatched...Day 23 2 eggies hatched! The last egg was a quiter. By now she had been sitting for 46 days. I was so happy! You wouldnt believe how excited I was. She finally got her babies!!! Thanks to danrut101!!!

    Here is some pics some of momma a few days before the hatch and some of the babies.





  2. Teresaann24

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    Jul 29, 2008
    Eastern, Kentucky
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Bless her little chicken heart.
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    Feb 15, 2008
    Good job on everyone's part. I can sense your excitement!! Babies are very cute.

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