A broody want to be?

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    My flock of chickens are finally starting to lay, I'd say about half of them are now laying out of my girls. I have noticed that most of them lay in the same nestbox, the bottom right. Except for my one EE who lays at the top right. Now I've noticed that one of my hens has decided she likes my plasic eggs that I put in the boxes, they have been moved from all four boxes into the bottom left nestbox, who no one uses! If I put the eggs back in their nestboxes, I come back later to find them all put back in the same nestbox! Do I have a broody want to be, or an OCD hen?
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    It may be more about learning the ins and outs of laying, at this age. They say it takes them about a month. Now, when one takes up 24/7 residence in a nest, you may have a real broody.

    At least if someone does go broody, they will have the how-to of stealing eggs down pat! I've had a couple of them go broody within 2 or 3 months of beginning to lay; they were mutts.

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