A Buff Orp hen x Brown Leghorn Rooster

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    Two of my leghorn hens successfully hatched several eggs.
    Four of the chicks are a cross between a Buff Orp Hen and a Brown Leghorn Rooster.

    It seems three are females and one is a male.
    The females are lighter and the male is darker.
    (I hope this is the case) Also the male's comb seems to be developing after 6 weeks. They all have yellow feet

    Is this a safe way to tell?
    Is this a sex-link trait? (or) Am I wrong? (females are light brown and males are dark)
    The male seems like his dad when he was a chick two years ago

    What color eggs will the females lay?

    You comments are welcome.
    Please chime in if you know about crossing breeds.

    I love my backyard mutts!
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