A cat scared my chickens horribly and my lil mama has lost the color in her comb?

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  1. I had let my new mom and her 12 day old baby out to free range. I went inside for a couple of minutes and suddenly I heard all of my girls and the rooster cackleling as loud as they could. I ran outside yelling at whatever it was. At first I couldn't find my little 12 day old Nugget but Momma was screaming at the top of her lungs. I then saw a cat take off into the back pasture and out came little Nugget from wherever it had been hiding. Everyone was upset and still cackleing. The rooster and the other girls were having a fit but they were safe in their coop.

    Anyway, my little Goldie, she is an OEGB has lost all the color from her comb, face and waddle to a very faint pink. I've checked her out and I don't see any puncture wounds. Could the cat have scared the color out of her??? I had to stay out there with everyone for about 20 minutes to get them all to calm down and everyone is safe in their coops now. Little Nugget is fine, like I said she found a place to hide and I don't think the cat got Goldie at all, but her color is very faint.

    Could fear for her and her baby drain her of her color???
  2. probably fear, just like people get really pale when they get scared. What does OEGB mean?
  3. Old English Game Bantam. She is the yellow hen in my avatar.

    I just went out there to check on Goldie and her color is much better, so I guess she was just scared and like you said was pale from fear. Now what to do about the **** Cat? It's been hanging out around our property at night getting into trash etc. I think it's a stray. Should I try to trap it and turn it into animal control?
  4. probably. Don't kill it, but take it to a shelter or give it to someone who wants a cat.
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    shoot it... if it's wild/ feral the shelter will most likely put it down anyway, why stress it further by being carted all over the place...
  6. Strays make great pets.
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    Isn't it awesome the way the chicks sound the alarm.......................They get so loud and really cackle until you show up to save them.

    I just love how they do that.

    I had the same situation, and I live in the city."unfortunatly" so I took the cat to the shelter.
    If I lived in the country, I would take care of alot of the animal problems I've had.
    WITH A GUN..................
    Possums, racoons, snakes, cats, dogs etc.

    good luck.
  8. Yes, I was so proud of all of them and I told them what a great job they did sounding the alarm for me. [​IMG]

    I do live in the country, but I'm such a wuss I can't kill anything. I had to put a fawn out of it's misery about a year ago when my 100lb puppy got a hold of it and I lost it crying and puking from my own distress. So, more than likely, my husband will take care of it or I will trap it and take it to an animal shelter.
  9. I'm the same way. My lab got ahold of a little mouse once, and almost killed it. It died after I tried to save it, and I cried.
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    so is the tens of thousands of unwanted kittens surrendered to the humane societies around the world.

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