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Aug 6, 2012
Love the poult pics!! Been having withdrawals!

Hey Holm...how are the new girls doing? Have they fall'n for Mr. T's charms yet?

Ralph, how is Snitch?

Spring has sprung here. All the early blooming trees are blooming. I am getting leaves on my red buckeye. We are literally a month ahead this year. I have some test plants for the TN Extension Service & have been keeping yearly notes for them. This is the earliest spring I've ever seen.


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Jun 10, 2013
Spring had sprung here for awhile. Tulips were coming up. Trees starting to bud. Grass greening up. Even found a few mushrooms.

But woke up this morning to 19 degrees and single digit wind chills. Hoping this is short lived. Enjoyed the 70s last week.

Bantam. Good looking poults. The one in the cup should be good to run around in a couple days at the longest.


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Jul 11, 2014
Orrock township, Minnesota
poults in a chick chair. The little guy just won't keep his legs under him, so I'm giving the orthopedic device a try. Because even though I want to, I can't wander around holding a poult all day.
Good luck on the poult. I have never had luck trying to get the legs to work. Now, I just lay them in the gas chamber and say good bye to them. I have only had one chick this year I needed to send on her way.


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Jul 11, 2014
Orrock township, Minnesota
@fishy LOOK [email protected] your new name works!!! I just put the "good" eggs in the incubator. So I get good birds on the 23th. Which is great with the Pierz Bird auction on the 25th,

@memphis Snitch is doing fine. She is taking a hiatus from lapper training to be an egg donor. I have to make a change in mates. I am going to put a black in with someone, I ended up with 2 black toms and no black hen.
I am going to put a blue in with the black and a self blue I think. I have more luck selling blacks and blues over self blues. I need a few self blues but not a lot of them. I have not decided if I am moving Snitch or the other one. I will most likely leave snitch in the pen she is in, as it is large enough to give her room to walk around in. It is small enough for me to sit in and give her lapper training.

Good News from Porter, he is still amongst the walking and breathing. Coffee took "pearl" the white she got from me away from Porter and gave her to the Royal Palm Tom "king Arthur". She thinks Porter was so jealous of anyone or thing getting close to Pearl he was attacking everything, including people. Turkeys just have weird relationships with each other and us.


Oct 27, 2014
Bantambird, I hope your poult's legs will get better.

Ralphie, that's great news about Porter!

Memphis, I have been thinking of you over the past few days because my daffodils have been getting ready to bloom. (Yours are probably done by now!) But this morning mine look like this:



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May 14, 2013
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How long till he gets his feet under him? He just won't stand up very long till he just flops over and bycicles the air, crying to be righted.

He might have to stay in the coop for a couple days. Just make sure his feet can reach the bottom so he gets exercise and builds up some strength. Supplementing him with Vitamin E and Selenium are good help for this too.

I had a little poult named Will that had these issues. I have a blog story about him. We ended up losing him at 2 weeks but he has gotten so much stronger. If you wanted to read it, it's at www.onemountainacres.weebly.com. it's under my adventures with chickens blog.
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