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They will bond just fine and will have a much better chance of survival. I have done this repeatedly with one to two week old poults. There is no problem getting the little ones to bond with the hen. The biggest problem can be getting the hen to bond with the little ones. When I do it, I place the hen and the poults in a large area and let the hen decide if she wants the poults. If she is still broody enough, she will round up all of the little ones and if not, she will normally avoid them. I always observe until I see the hen accept the little ones to make sure nothing goes wrong.

I never try to move a turkey and her nest. Wait until you are ready to give her the chicks and you will have a much better chance of getting her to move.

This is what happened with the hen I had adopt the guinea keets last year. The hen that incubated them had given up on them. I had keets in an enclosed pen the keets were from 2 weeks to 6 weeks old. I threw a hen that went broody into the pen, just to keep her off the nests. I had no intention of her adopting the keets. BUT she did. She is the hen that the keets still follow 9 months later! She just wants to be a mother.


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What is a good breed a turkey for having as a pet but will go broody

I would say a heritage variety. As far as differences in body size they are all the same.

Pick a color you like and go for it.

With a rare exception all of the heritage hens I've had have gone broody.

I'm partial to royal palms. (Eye candy)

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Thank feedman77 I do like royal palms I only have 1.5 avers and a aviary with 5 different ring neck pheasant color mutations,4 bob whites,2 cortnix,and a ton of pigeons so I am limited on space and as much as I want to let them out we have bird dogs that are not friends with birds


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Just placing my bet for the latest Turkey Hen Wrestling Contest.  I'm all in on Aurora. 

Thanks! Yay, I've got a fan!

So, poults are still selling like crazy here and I'm getting preorders for chicks even though they're mix breeds. Everyone just wants something that's going to lay blue or green eggs lol

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