A chick that cant walk, do we let it die or help it?

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    Apr 25, 2012
    Ok so we hatched some chicks and this chick was the last one to hatch and it needed help out of the egg. We helped it and it cant walk it has bad legs. They just don't work. I'm tempted to just bash it on the head (but i could never do that)

    We have been giving it water and food and it's two days old now. Is there anything that can cure its legs?? If not what should we do? Let it die, kill it or look after it?

    It will most likely die anyway, if it cant walk to it's food. Any other chick we've hatched and it had bad legs has died within a few hours to a day. There's nothing else wrong with it, it's sooo adorable and happy. WHAT DO WE DO?
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    Jul 24, 2013
    So the legs don't work at all (does the chick try to move them, but is unable too, or does it not even try)? Unfortunately, if they're useless, there probably isn't anything you can do. Culling would be best.
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    Are the legs splayed, or does the chick just fall over when you try sitting it up? I have placed them in a small cup to strengthen their legs, but many chicks that are helped out of the shell are brain damaged. I've made that mistake twice now. I would start chick vitamins now and look at this link for treatment of leg and foot problems, maybe try some suggestions, and go from there. Click here:
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    Apr 25, 2012
    The chick just doesn't want to use it's legs. You can now see the bone where the legs have shuffled so much. We're going to cull the chick. How do you cull it in the most painless way???

    Also it wont eat and hasn't since it was born. Should we just let it starve? Cause it will do soon cause it hasn't eaten anything!
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  5. Year of the Rooster

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    The most humane way to kill it would be to break the neck. I'm assuming the chick is only a few days old, so the neck will be very easy to break. Lay it on its belly, place a small rod of some sort behind the head. Hold the rod firmly with one hand to keep the head still. Use the other hand to hold the chicks body, and jerk upwards fast and hard. If done properly it should break instantly, and the head may even pop off (if too much force is used).

    And for future reference, never help a chick out of an egg. Let nature take its course, as there may be a very good reason why it shouldn't survive.
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    This is all so sad I had to kill a chick once I did the neck thing SO SAD [​IMG]

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