A chicken adventure


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Jan 1, 2008
*Taken from my blog from a little while ago:

What the cluck???
One of our neighbors just knocked on our door to tell us she saw two women take one of our chickens. The chicken was out on the side walk and the neighbor saw the women grab her. She told them the chicken probably belonged to us but they said it was theirs, that the chicken had jumped out of their car.

Anyway, the neighbor thought something was fishy and she took down the license plate. I called the police and they are on their way over.

To be continued...

ETA: Police came and took report, all the while chuckling to himself. Or is it clucking??

ETA2: the police brought our chicken back within half an hour! He found the people who took her, knocked on their door and asked if they had 'found' a chicken. They said yes, she is in the back yard. They had 'rescued' her, they said. Tobias, my 9 yo, had the honors of getting her out of the police car.

She keeps jumping out of our fence, maybe we should put a collar on her? Or can you clip their wings? Would that help?

ETA3: we did clip their wings and we have had not chickens escape anymore. Pffewwwww!
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