A Chicken Breakthrough Story

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    Aug 30, 2012
    Getting my flock was pretty awesome. Picking up a warm egg from a nest for the first time was magical. Hearing my Rooster crow for the first time was beautiful.

    But today I hand fed a sick hen. She sat pitifully in my lap while I coaxed a mash into her beak. That's when I realized I am crazy about chickens. I love them! They are such amazing, gentle little creatures, and they give us eggs and hours of entertainment and I am totally crazy about them.

    I know most of you have probably had to feed a sickie, and maybe it's weird for me to go all misty-eyed over something like this, but it was just such an incredible realization.

    I am so honored to be a care-taker of these wonderful critters. Has anyone else ever had this moment of clarity where you leave the rest of the world and join the ranks of chicken lover?
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    Sep 1, 2012
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    i dont know if ive joined the ranks of chicken lover, but ill tell u one thing, it will never get old
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    Aug 28, 2012
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    I am a complete chicken-addict. On weekends, when I have no school, I let the chickens out, then I sit outside on the lawnmower, or on a stump, or in a tree, and I watch the flock. I follow them. When hawks come around, I stand near the flock and talk to them, when a hen goes off by herself to lay an egg, I always stand four feet away from her and wait for her to lay her egg so that I can collect it and escort her back to flock.

    When it is nighttime, and the chickens are going to bed, I take a flashlight and take a head count of all of them. If one is missing, I search for it until I find it. I know all our chickens by their sounds, and I know the difference between one gold sex-link hen's egg, and another gold sex-link hen's egg.

    It was only a couple of months ago that I realized how much I really cared about my chickens. I have gone up against very large, very aggressive dogs in defense of my chickens... and I have won every battle. I realize now that I care so much for them because they are gentle and helpless. I am all they have whenever a dog or cat comes around. For that reason, I am very protective over my flock.

    Not two weeks ago I attacked the neighbor's Australian shepherd dog with a broom when I caught him digging into the chicken coop. The whole cul-de-sac neighborhood knows NOT to let their dogs or cats get into our yard.

    I realize now that I am truly affectionate and passionate for these wonderful, yet helpless animals. I have hand fed sick hens, and I have doctored deep, almost un-helpable wounds, and, I have watched 25 chicks grow into chickens, and, even though many are of the same breed, they are all one of a kind to me.

    I will always have chickens in my life. That will NEVER change... EVER!

    ... I love chickens... [​IMG]
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