A chicken breed you love, and a chicken breed you will never get again.

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  1. Be sure to explain your feelings about the breed.

  2. I'll definitely always have Buff orpingtons, and probably red stars, but I don't think I'll ever have domoniques again. One was the first on mine to die, and my living one is very sickly.
  3. I've only had one breed that's old enough to judge, and that's red sex-links. Those Lay-lay-lay, then whither away and die. Never again.
  4. My red sex links are great! They lay all the time, and are one of my healthiest breeds.

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    Jun 6, 2012
    I love Single Comb Rhode Island Whites. Very Calm, large, meaty cockerels, hens are attached to people, they come to us and fly up on our arm and like to eat out of our hand and ride around on our arm while we do the chores.

    I do not like Australorps. They are mean, flighty, egg eating birds that terrorize the rest of the flock.
  6. Wow. I thought Austalorps were docile.
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    I've had Production Reds before, and they were so, so... but they laid like crazy! They didn't seem too bright and eventually they all got eaten. Right now I have some BR, and SLW. Really love my BR's, they are a classic american chicken IMO. Just waiting on my EE banties to hatch and hopefully I'll be able to order some BCM eggs next.

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    I always heard BA's were similar to BO's?? Guess every chicken has a different personality. [​IMG]
  9. I will never buy or egg birds, becuase they're so genetically engineered to produce so much that they die veryu quickly. It seems cruel to put a hen through three years of laying eggs almost every day. Multi-purpose birds will hopefully live longer.

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    My absolute favorite breed is the Langshan, they're a great breed, very hardy, decent layers. I love how the almost seem to carry themselves with pride.
    I will never own hatchery/commercial poultry, I just don't like how they've removed the individual breed characteristics.

    If I leave it to purebred breeds out of the breeds I've owned, I won't own silkies again (nice breed but I had white silkies in the NW, near impossible to keep clean.). I always show my birds and I actually haven't owned any I didn't like but the silkies were the nightmare to keep clean.
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