A chickenny puzzle now solved....

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    Just to set the scene... I have 17 chickens - four beautiful roos and 13 clucky hens (mixed breeds - Silkies, Frizzles, Pekins, Wyandottes).. We were blessed with the arrival of three chickenny babies in December (the girls hid the eggs!), we knew we'd need to check the coop and fencing - just to make sure there were no baby sized gaps.. We duly did this on a cold and frosty February morning - we raised the height of the fences as a couple of the Wyandottes were beginning to realise they could just 'hop' over the top.. After some time and much work, we had a nice, secure area for our new babies and flock.. Cracked it, we thought... Ha ha ha...

    As the chickens are now safe, when we're home - we can release the 'beasties' into their new play area.. My part-time house chicken (Boo) and her partner in crime (Nut) were among the first to explore their new area with interest.. A few weeks down the line, I pop outside to check on the chooks and Boo is sat on the lawn outside the fenced area.. Bit odd, I think, so I return her to the coop, I check the top netting and all the fences but no chickenny sized holes or gaps!!!.. A few hours later, I hear a 'peck, peck' on the door - opening it, I find Boo and Nut sat on the doorstep.. Ok this is wierd now or I'm going mad as I know I put her in the coop - I duly returned them both to the coop.. The same thing happens for at least a week or two with these feathered magicians, either on the lawn or on the step - no holes and no way they could fly over the fences because of the netting and everything's secure.. We were completely puzzled and then just by chance one day, I caught sight of what was happening and I really wish I recorded it!!!...

    Boo was 'clucking or talking' to somehow call the dog!!.. It looked like Boo was offering a food bribe from the chicken side of the fence to our dog.. All the dog then did was lean against the fence to create a gap just large enough for the two chooks to escape - easy for a dog but not within chickenny strength.. I have sooo many questions about this, how did she train the....?, why would she... ? but mainly it's what the...?...

    I have never seen a chicken-trained dog ever before!!.. Here's a pic of my little bugger-lugs, Boo... [​IMG]

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    Oh, that's priceless. I can just envisage it. The chooks are just lucky the dog wasn't letting them out so he could chase them about.
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    That is an AWESOME story! Thanks for sharing...had me giggling like a schoolgirl as I picture Boo "training" the pooch! [​IMG]

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