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Hello! Signing in for the first time here. :D
Well here is a small intro about myself.

I'm Tali and I'm from the island of Puerto Rico. My hobbies include drawing, making clay charms,photography and now I've taken a liking to raising chick's. Hopefully with lots of love and dedication they'll grow up to be lovely eggplants! I mean egg laying hens. :)

For my first topic :

Have you ever wondered what chickens are thinking about? Or why some of them stand out more than others? Throughout my years of living on this tropical island I was never to far from a chicken. In fact I could probably say that I grew up with chickens in my backyard. So I guess I can say that my first pets were actually chickens. I never really cared about the breed or the difference between a rooster or a hen or the actual fact on how they came to be in my backyard. But of course when your a kid you don't really care about that stuff. No sir,what was really important were those cute little fluff balls that surrounded the chickens.

Now I'm sure that at least once in your life you've actually sat down and just stared at a chick or a chicken or any animal for that matter ( if you haven't...well you should,its very therapeutic. :D) and you come to realize that it has it's own unique way of being. An interesting personality. For example my little brother once raised a chick named Polli (pronounced poji) wich of course grew up into a chicken. It latest 4 years until one day our next door neighbor took it without consent and turned poor Polli into stew... Well I was getting to a point here. Ah right! During those 4 years I could have sworn that chicken thought it was human. I'm telling ya that little guy was a weirdo. My little bro would talk to that thing and it seemed like it understood everything my bro would say. It would follow him all over the backyard, sit beside him when he'd sat down, it would even play dead on command like a dog. It was a very fun and unique chicken,also a great pet.

I placed this topic cause I was curious to read about other people's point of view on what type of personality they've seen amongst there fellow chickens. So please share your observations! :D

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from Alabama. Glad you joined us. Love your intro

I definitely see lots of different personalities among not only our chickens, but all our birds - that's one of the things that makes them so much fun


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My curious one:

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