A close friend, a house fire, and 5 Isa Brown hens.

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    A very dear friend of mine lost her home to a house fire this past week. She and her family of 4 teenagers (she has 6 total, but 2 are adults) are now picking up the pieces and trying to move on. Before the fire, she had asked me to take her 5 Isa Brown hens because she no longer (after 2 years) had time to take care of them properly. She has recently opened her own restaurant and is rarely at home anymore...she even has 3 of her kids working for her. [​IMG]

    My question is this. These 5 hens are 2 years old and have consistently layed 4-5 eggs per day YEAR ROUND...even here in Michigan. How much longer will these hens continue to lay this well? I was expecting them to slow down at 2 years...am I right?
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    They usually begin to slow down sometime after the second year, but they are also very prone to internal laying and egg peritonitis, being high production types.
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    They should slow down a little at about 3 years old. At 4-5 years old the drop in egg production can be dramatic. The birds that are breed specifically for laying seem to work this way.

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    I sure hope they keep it up for me for a while longer. These hens lay the biggest eggs I've ever seen...EVER! I honestly don't know how they manage it. And they're meaty girls, too. When I picked them up to put them in the carrier for the move, I was amazed at how heavy they are. [​IMG]

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