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    For those who are interested
    here is a link to Draft #2 of Washburn Village Codes available on line.

    http://www.washburnillinois.org/ordinances/Village Code - Draft 2.pdf

    This is a list of the Village ordinances that pertain to keeping chickens in the Village of Washburn, IL.

    ordnance Title 5, Chapter 7, section 5-7-1, item 5,
    section 5-7-2 (b),
    Section 5-7-2 (C)
    Title 6, Chapter 4, Section 6-4-3 (D) dated February 10th, 1992, the Village Code of the Village of Washburn, 1977

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    This is a link to the village website.
    please note that some listed here no longer hold the positions they are listed for.

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    please see Title 5 , Chapter 8, section 5-8-3 (B) Schedule of Special Uses ...
    Special uses which may be authorized by the Zoning Board are as follows:
    (A) Multi-family dwelling in the R-Residential District, subject to Section 5-4-2.
    (B) The keeping, raising or feeding of livestock or poultry
    , including dairying, poultry, swine, sheep, goats, beef
    cattle, pony and horse productions, fur farms or beekeeping or such structures for housing livestock, poultry orbees or for preparing livestock or poultry products for market in all districts, subje
    ct to the following standards:
    1. At no point on the lot line of such special use shall any noise, smoke and particulate matter, vibrations, toxic
    or noxious matter, odors, vapors or gases of such use be objectionable to the occupant of any adjacent property.
    2. No such special use shall discharge into any drainage channel or watercourse material which would
    contaminate or make undesirable any lands or waters outside of the lot.

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    In response to requests for medical variance to zoning ordinances
    Village Board says it "doesn't want to open that can of worms" .

    What recourse is there ?
    Is their response discrimination?
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