A couple of Barnyard Mix boys - 5 months old

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    These two standard size barnyard mix boys were hatched from my own flock on December 5. They are a Cochin/Easter Egger cross with vivid markings and feathered feet. They have been hand raised since day 1 so are very spoiled, sweet, docile and healthy birds - meaning they are pets, not food. They would probably do best going to two separate homes as they both want to be the alpha rooster but in the right environment, together would work also. I am asking $5 each to make sure they get placed in a good home and not on a dinner table. I will not ship them but I am willing to work out delivery anywhere from Southern WA to Southern OR if needed.

    **Update** Marley may possibly have a home but I am taking backup offers just in case. Donnie is still very much available and looking for ladies [​IMG]


    Donnie is in the front; Marley in the back with more gold in his cape
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